SONLIGHT CHAPEL CHURCH - Showing People the path that leaves bondage behind !

The Reason We Have Every  Season
A Healing Place for Hurting Hearts

Sundays: Bible Study 9 am - Worship 10:30
Wednesdays: Great Commission Bible College                                Bible Study 7 pm  


 Resurrection Sunday - April 1st- as we gathered together for Food and Fellowship after Worship!

 Can you Help make friends in Christ as Muslims are converted to Christianity?      

And the Lord sent A greater vision!


The vision of  Sonlight Missions is to help these African People to build an orphanage so that God's people will understand true charity and will not perish for lack of knowledge. Please pray with us as we gather to facilitate this ministry Father in heaven.    

If you would like to help support any of these projects, please contact us. Make checks payable to "Sonlight Chapel". God Bless you for your part in blessing these missions! 
PO Box 1330, CenterPoint., TX         Michael 830-739-8880 / Sherrie 830-739-8881

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