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Michael and Sherrie FiedlerPastors of "Great Commission Church"

About Us

Great Commission Center

We have been members of Sonlight Chapel Church in Center Point, Texas since 1998.

Our walk with the Lord started here and has turned into a lifelong endeavor of seeking the will of the Lord through the Word, and putting into action, the time tested gospel of Jesus Christ as we follow the commandment of "The Great Commission" and spread the Gospel to all parts of the world. Michael is a Board Member, College Instructor and IT Tech with "The Great Commission Bible College". Sherrie is the Administrative Director of the Great Commission Bible College and is a busy Pastor's Wife as well. Michael has received a Bachelors degree in Theology as well as Masters degree in Ministry. Sherrie has received a Bachelors degree in Theology and is now pursuing a Master's Degree. Michael is an Ordained Minister of the Gospel of Christ with the Great Commission Bible College. ( and FGEA (Full Gospel Evangelistic Association). Since 2011, we have been privileged to be involved in missionary work in Africa. To date we have made 4 trips to Uganda , 2 Trips to Cameroon , 1 Trip to Kenya, 1 Trip to Haiti and 1 Trip to Ethiopia, each lasting up to 1 month in duration, where we have empowered and taught people the Gospel of Jesus Christ , as well as done work to help orphans and children through furnishing building materials and labor. We encourage the people of Africa to build churches and orphanages to further the Gospel in that Continent. Orphans are our main concern and this is where we try to direct most of our resources. If you would like to help support any of these projects, please contact us. Make checks payable to Sonlight Chapel for a tax deduction. God Bless you for your your part in blessing these missions!

Location and mail :

Sonlight Chapel

PO BOX 1330

CenterPoint, Texas 78010

building desks while doing mission work in Uganda

Michael 830-739-8880 / Sherrie 830-739-8881

(left) Cutting wood to use for the desks we build for the schools in Uganda.

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